A Tale of 2 Women with Fistula

5 March, 2011

Today I spent a fair bit of time in the Fistula ward here at the disability hospital. We met a variety of women and managed to catch up with Hadija who we first met a few days back in her village.

In the next few days I’ll have more stories from todays visit from the Fistula ward.

  • Toni Aull

    Beautiful Women…

  • http://desperatelyseekingwp.com Cathy Tibbles

    Good for you! So happy to see you use your clout in the blogging world to do this!! Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Imagine the power of word of mouth when these women share their stories with others about the treatment.

  • lynette

    inspiring….how great that you were able to go & witness this. One day….me too!