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Typhoon Haiyan – one year on…

November 7th, 2014 by Steph Gaut

One year ago this week, Typhoon Haiyan swept through the central pay someone to do essay Philippines. It was one of the most powerful storms on record, killing over 6000 people and affecting another 14 million.

CBM and its partners were on the ground in the immediate aftermath of the November 8 disaster to provide emergency support, and one year later we’re continuing to work in the hardest-hit places to make sure people with disabilities are included in all areas of relief efforts and rehabilitation.


With CBM support, four Special Education school centres have been rebuilt, and seven more are on their way.

With CBM support, four Special Education school centres have been rebuilt, and seven more are on their way.


How CBM has helped: a breakdown

Since Typhoon Haiyan struck, CBM and our partner organisations have been working to provide immediate relief support, as well as working on long-term strategies to ensure local communities are prepared with strategies for future disaster situations that will include people with disabilities.

During the past year, your support has:

  • Helped over 62,000 people receive vital support
  • Ensured more than 3800 vulnerable households received emergency supplies, such as food and clean water;
  • Rebuilt and refurnished four school resource centres, with seven more in progress;
  • Helped repair 135 damaged houses, supporting over 800 people;
  • Ensured future houses for 100 families will be typhoon-resilient and accessible, with appropriate water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH);
  • Trained six local partner organisations to understand and promote accessibility;
  • Started a Community Mental Health program, providing services to 250 people with psychosocial disabilities, and training over 100 local health professionals in community mental health.


14-year-old Benjillo (left) and his family were left with nothing after Typhoon Haiyan. They're just one of over 3800 households who received a CBM emergency supplies.

14-year-old Benjillo (left) and his family were left with nothing after Typhoon Haiyan.

They’re just one of over 3800 households who received CBM emergency supplies.


We’re hearing from people about just how grateful they are for the support they’ve received through CBM. Perlita, a mother of nine whose home was destroyed in the typhoon, says “Good thing the president of the persons with disabilities organisation (DPO) in our barangay told us that CBM would distribute relief packs. It was a huge blessing to us. We were short on rice and CBM was able to provide it to us.”

While it will most likely take a few years for communities to fully recover from the effects of Haiyan, CBM is tackling the need to rebuild as an opportunity to rebuild better. This means rebuilding not just houses and schools, but making sure employment opportunities, communities and services all become more accessible to people living with disabilities.


May 4th, 2011 by CBM Australia

What is it?

Blog for good is a contest that challenges Aussies to use social media to address social issues.

For the winner, in partnership with @Problogger and Telstra, CBM is offering the chance for one blogger to fly to a country in Africa to see and blog about our work. The trip will be similar to Darren’s Tanzania Blog Project.  Additionally,

  • Darren Rowse will meet with you to offer tips on blogging
  • CBM staff will provide pre-trip do’s and don’ts, cultural and sensitivity training, child protection guidelines, and education about poverty and disability
  • CBM will pick up the cheque for your flights, hotels, food and fast internet uploads from the field

For the initial contest, you can write about whatever issue or cause you want to highlight. If you don’t know where to start, we’d suggest the cycle of disability and poverty. In the near future we’ll publish the full terms, contest details and judging criteria.

How is CBM involved/benefiting?

CBM is the partner non-profit in #blogforgood; we work to improve the lives of people with disability. Our projects are as varied–eye clinics, fistula wards, community workers–and we focus on care, prevention, community and empowerment.

We’re offering the blogger who wins a trip to see some of our work. Through their blog (and ours!) they’ll share stories of people they meet and what they’ve learned about our organization, and the issues we work with, to a wider audience.

We’ve found the blog to be a good, cost effective way for us to connect to you. We hope blogging spurs conversation about social issues in both Australia and lesser developed countries, and helps people better understand the issues and what they can do.

How you can get involved

If you don’t already have a blog, twitter or facebook, get started! Build your social media footprint, research the issues you’re passionate about, and being practising blogging for good.

The contest winner won’t be announced until December 2011 so there’s plenty of time to get started.

Questions or suggestions? Please leave them in the comments below!